Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Tips Prevent Hair Loss.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss.

The immediate process that causes balding is the existence of dihydrotestosterone in the scalp. The main villain of this story is testosterone (DHT is its derivative) – DHT is created when testosterone contacts the follicles. This means that women are fairly safe, but most men are in danger of hair loss. DHT prevents proper nutrition of the follicle and thickens the scalp, limiting the amount of blood that arrives there. Taken together, these are enough to cause hair to lose strength and eventually fall off.

Women are generally safe from DHT-related problems, as their levels of testosterone are much lower. However, before you start considering a sex change an option, you may as well try something much less extreme – a hair care system aimed at reducing the damage done by DHT. The system is based on nutrients and vitamins and is 100% safe, so you don’t risk anything, right?

Nutrients and Their Effectiveness Against Hair Loss.

Probably the most powerful nutritional supplement that may prevent hair loss is zinc. While it can’t be taken in large amounts (too much zinc prevent the absorption of iron and may cause anemia), its role in keeping your hair safe is hard to overrate. Its main role is relaxing skin and muscles on your scalp, directly countering the influence of DHT.

Another important supplement is Biotin, also known as the hair vitamin. The biotin speeds the metabolism of fatty acids, thus increasing the speed of follicle renewal and repair. This activity counters breaking hair due to a lack of proper nutrition. There is no such thing as an ideal dose of biotin – the more you take it, the better. he only problem is that most of the biotin-rich foods (liver, kidney, cooked eggs, etc.) are also very fatty, so high intake of biotin may result in very high fat intake, which may soon start causing other health problems.

Another important nutrient which can help you heal your hair is proteins. They are the hair construction material, thus it is necessary to keep them strong and thick, making them less prone to damages done by DHT. Proteins are probably the most commonly used nutrient to prevent thinning of hair. On the downside, they are not dream solution to all your problems: proteins can’t help you regrow your hair on bald patches.

Carotene, carotenoid and retinol – all those names really mean the same chemical compound: Vitamin A. While most people associate carotene to improving our vision, this vitamin is also a great way to reduce the amount of DHT. Carotene takes control over sebum production, keeping it on the optimum level – enough to moisturize the strands, but not enough to block the skin pores. With the normalized sebum production, DHT has much fewer chances to cause any lasting damages. The vitamin can be supplied through a well-planned diet, if only it’s abundant with yellow and orange vegetables and fish oil. Just make sure that you don’t stray too far from the recommended daily intake (2500 IU), carotene may get toxic if it’s overabundant in the body.

We mustn’t forget about another important vitamin: Vitamin E. It maintains proper blood circulation in the scalp, stopping all DHT attempts to reduce the number of nutrients arriving to the follicles. There’s no problem with taking enough Vitamin E, as it can be easily found in a number of foods, most notably leafy greens, and soybeans, as well as in many vegetable oils. The real catch is that Vitamin E can be easily overdosed, increasing the pressure in the cardiovascular system.

The role of nutrients in the prevention of the balding process is well-known and keeping the right amount of all the above-mentioned products in your diet should generally be enough to prevent hair loss. The problem is that in most cases it is hardly possible for a normal diet to accommodate for all those nutrients while keeping your blood pressure and weight at a stable level. That’s why most people would do much better if they chose to use a proper nutritional supplement instead of trying to create an ideal diet. And fortunately for them, the solution is right at hand. A major producer of anti-hair loss products, ProFollica, offers an excellent nutritional supplement that contains all necessary nutrients in the right doses to make them both effective and safe. To make everything better, the ProFollica system contains much more than just the nutrients and check it yourself.
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