Basic Health Problems That Every Person Didn't Know About It

Eleven signs of health problems hidden on your face and body sometimes your body goes through changes whether you're
experiencing puberty going through pregnancy getting older etc a lot of itis natural and should be not ignored but welcomed however there are some symptoms both on your body and face that shouldn't be ignored and sometimes can't we're going to go over a few of them today 
Basic Health Problems That Every Person Didn't Know About It
What kind of bestie would we be if we weren't staying healthy takes a lot of work we all want to make sure that we're feeling our best but paying attention to every little thing and worrying about every detail can be overwhelming realistically we all lead such busy lives well at the end of the day it's smart to take some time off from your busy life and really make sure that your body is healthy usually it's

The little details that can be a sign of a bigger issue about your health not sure what we're talking about well we're talking about keeping an eye on symptoms that might be a lot less little than you
initially thought first let's start with the face here are four major changes in your face that you should keep an eye on if it happens to you each of these changes can actually reveal some serious medical conditions that you may be suffering from without even realizing it number one eyebrow thinning eyebrow thinning is something
you shouldn't take lightly some people are born with naturally thin
eyebrows but for those who weren't it could be a sign that your health is at risk live strong calm provides a few health reasons why your eyebrows may be thinning out one of the most common
reasons for thinning eyebrows is hypothyroidism according to live strong calm the site notes that hypothyroidism is a disease in which your thyroid gland is under active this condition creates hair thinning all over the body smart health advice calm also notes that atopic dermatitis can also be the reason for thinning eyebrows it's a topic eczema which is an inflammation of the skin leading to itchy red and swollen skin according to the site it affects around
20% of people in their lives number 2 intense acne and unusual facial hair a little bit of acne on your face and a bit of peach fuzz never hurt anyone but some people get intense acne and more facial hair than usual most likely it means that you might have something going on in your body that requires attention by a doctor according to Saudi Beauty blog calm it also could be a sign of PCOS which
stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome common symptoms of this can include irregular to know minstrel periods acne weight gain obesity infertility and excessive or abnormal hair growth go see
a doctor if you are seeing any of these symptoms number three red rashes and bumps if you notice a red rash appearing on your cheeks neck or anywhere else in that area that may be a sign of various
digestive problems according to Reader's Digest itchy clusters of red bumps can be an indication of celiac disease an
autoimmune disorder in reaction to gluten dr. Raj also tells the site that butterflied shaped rashes across the cheek bones and over the bridge of the nose can also be a sign of lupus an autoimmune disease according to medical news today calm your body's immune
system becomes hyperactive and attacks normally healthy tissue
number four under-eye circles we all get under-eye circles from time to time if we don't get enough sleep but it's when the bags start changing that more it's should be paid according to
if your dark circles are joined by red patches or dark patches it may be a sign of dermatomyositis another autoimmune disease the site notes that this disease can cause muscle aches and weakness and
can make it pretty difficult to move so don't be lazy go see your doctor if you notice any of these signs on your face now that we've gone through all the stuff in your face that could be symptoms of something more serious let's move down to the rest of your body we want to make sure that by the end of this Information you're totally ready to identify anything that might be hurting
you because as your besty we care about you number one tearing sensations we can hear you from the other side of the computer they're saying no duh and yeah it's pretty hard to ignore a tearing
sensation and you're absolutely right our point is that a tearing sensation should never be ignored most of the time you'll think you've pulled a muscle but the AARP American Association of
Retired Persons says it could be a problem that is more serious you could have ruptured an iota which can be identified by the sensation of sudden severe stabbing pain in the back that persists accompanied by nausea obviously just because it's information brought to us by the American Association of Retired Persons that doesn't mean this info is just for Retired Persons you two
young men can rupture your aorta number two crushing chest pain a lot of  us have shocks or tiny little pricks that crawl up our body from time to time but we're talking about when your chest
feels like it's getting smushed underneath a big rock if you don't
happen to be Geils Corey we just got a nod from the history buffs out there and you're just standing around your house then this could be a symptom of a major problem more specifically a heart attack
other indicators include tightness heavy pressure or squeezing in the chest the pain may also travel to the arm shoulder jaw or back says the AARP once again this can all be accompanied by
nausea vomiting and sweating and if it is then you should seek medical help immediately number three reproductive problems all
right we know they're going to dread this but for just one second we need to talk to you about your reproductive organs luckily the people at medicine dotnet have a whole list of symptoms for
all your potential downstairs problems they include discomfort during lovemaking heavy or painful menstrual bleeding severe pelvic and abdominal pain unusual vaginal discharge a feeling of
fullness in the lower abdomen and frequent urination or urinary urgency you're welcome everyone now you can either rest easy or stress like heck either way you should try and get checked every now and then by a doctor especially if you're frequenting the
sack number four tingling this might not sound like fun but it's really not tingling throughout your body can mean a lot of trouble the AARP says that especially in your hands arms legs your
feet tingling can mean circulation problems that can lead to diseases such as anemia diabetes multiple sclerosis and burgers disease also if you've got tingly feet you might just have kidney
issues we know you hate hearing this every time but if you experience singling then please go see a medical professional we know we know we sound like a broken record but it really bears
repeating alright number five dizziness once again we return to the advice of the trustee AARP who tells us that dizziness can be a very scary sign of something bigger and much more problematic they say that dizziness or light the adedness can be caused by disturbances in the brain the gastrointestinal system vision or inner ear it's also apparently linked to other medical issues like high blood pressure low blood pressure diabetes thyroid disease anemia dehydration and heart conditions number 6 breast problems hopefully there are no monetization problems because we included this category but we really want to make sure
our female viewers stay healthy so this has to go in there no matter what medicine net has provided us with a helpful bunch of signs that you're having potentially dangerous breast problems like nipple discharge unusual breast tenderness or pain breast or nipple skin changes lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm
areas ladies please make sure that you're examined regularly number 7 emotional problems finally we'll leave you with a list of problems that you'll feel emotionally and sometimes even
physically luckily the people at medicine net have a handy list of some of the emotional issues you may experience anxiety depression fatigue feeling tense flashbacks and nightmares
disinterest in regular activities.

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